From Piers to Eternity by Hazel Preller

The fascinating story of a quest to kiss at the end of each remaining British Pier.



Grand old ladies stand proudly with their legs in water! Some slightly weather-beaten, in need of a face lift, but still giving lots of pleasure and definitely worth looking after! A romantic kiss at the end of what is now considered the biggest and best pier in the world, Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier, prompted the author to visit and photograph 60 piers – not only to find out their history and vital statistics, but to kiss her partner (now husband!) at the end of each one. Hazel Preller’s fascinating and beautifully descriptive story, with photographs, is told with a delicious sense of humour – a wonderful history of these quintessentially Victorian seaside status symbols. May they be preserved for future generations. Go and visit!